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Therapy Services


I offer individual psychotherapy sessions specializing in grief/loss, life transitions, and personal development. This is a compassionate, non-judgemental space for you to show up exactly as you are. Together we build on sessions over time, discovering and uncovering any thoughts, feelings and emotions wanting to be expressed, as well as cultivating tools & strategies

as we go. 


$140 / 60 minutes

(sliding scale offered - limited spots)



Art Therapy

Art therapy bridges the process of art making and psychotherapy to facilitate deeper connections to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are otherwise difficult to access with words alone. This is not about the final product, but rather, an opportunity to connect more deeply with ourselves, and our personal expressions through the process of creation. 

Art therapy directives can be integrated during sessions or in-between for further exploration as desired.

$140 / 60 minutes

(sliding scale offered - limited spots)


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